reviews online degrees and online state universities

reviews of online degrees and online state universities

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online degrees and distance learning programs

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No time to study in classrooms? Don't let that hinder your career!Online degree and distance learning programs  empower you to learn and earn at the same time.  In the pastReview of Auburn University, Buxton University, Caldwell College people traditionally gained a college degree by shoveling bags of money to the registrar and and languishing in dreary classrooms. The advent of high technology has  changed all that as more state universities are now delivering information through unconventional channels--by email, via interactive learning discs, and over Internet teleconferencing--directly to you, wherever and whenever you want. You can gain professional mastery with an online degree!

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Whether for love of knowledge, career enhancement, or simply self-actualization, you can get a college degree--bachelor's, master's, or doctorate--faster, cheaper, and better nontraditionally. Distance Learning gets you that college degree you deserve. At your own pace.

While this site is not a school, we offer breaking reviews of popular distance learning institution . With us you will make informed decisions before spending time, effort and money. Our review database grows monthly. Be sure to check back for more!

Important University Review Policy

Opinion governs the review and inclusion of online universities in this website. Our rating criteria  does not draw upon any specific state government's standards; rather, we form our conclusions based on reputation and feedback culled from various sources.
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Accredited Bachelors, Masters,  Doctorates... you'll find them here WITH reviews! Our goal is to inform, not to earn. We have no vested interests promoting  these online degree universities

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    Yes, there are a lot of them out there. They'll take your money in exchange for a worthless distance learning degree
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    Crave a Harvard degree without having to go for Harvard? We list some sites that give joke replica diplomas for fun! Hang it on your wall or send one to friends!



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     In Short
We are a non-profit organization. Our sole purpose is to compile updated  reviews of reputable ONLINE universities and distance learning degrees to make your academic foray a more fulfilling and pleasurable experience.
The executive board is open to visitor comments and state  university reviews.  Feel free to email us with suggestions, ideas and commentaries.  We'd especially appreciate the opinions of current students at the universities we review.
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Increases your knowledge and confidence.
Maximizes your career opportunities. Holders of Masters and Doctorate degrees typically out earn an undergraduate by seven times
Facilitates the growth of your social life as you become more conversant and therefore, respectable.

Great Degrees Reviewed

American College
Atlantic International
Auburn University
Breyer State University
Caldwell College
Capella University
Empire State College
Heriot-Watt University
Indiana University
Kaplan University
Murray State University

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