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University reviews! | Online degrees | distance learning programs | online universities

University reviews! | Online degrees | distance learning programs | online universities

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Recommended State-licensed universities

            .... none-RA and definitely affordable

Looking for an economical alternative? Unlike the other universities listed on this site, the following is a state-licensed school but because it is none-Regionally Accredited, the institution offers good distance learning education for less than US$12,000.00

Pacific Evangelical School of Ministry Oregon


How best do we provide Christian workers who know, adhere, preach, and teach faithfully the doctrine of The Evangelical Church? To answer this question, the Board pursued meetings with Western Evangelical Seminary, the Annual Conference, and ministerial candidates. The result is an extended program of theological education designed to fulfill both the Conference Course of Study and the Alternate Graduate Level Study Program


Considerations prior to entry into none-RA institutions


  • Lower tuition due to lack of Regional Accreditation
  • Residency is minimal, with programs taking 2 to 5yrs.
  • Many companies recognize these degrees as equivalent to regular RA institutions.
  • The student can select only subjects relevant to the degree program and thereby finish a degree faster..


  • Some states and employers prefer Regionally Accredited schools and not just State Licensed schools.

Our recommendation

Know your priorities. If universal recognition is a prime motivator, consider taking your degree at a regionally accredited school. Some companies demand nothing less.

But if you're simply after education at a lower cost, you may opt for these state-licensed licensed schools. Yes, they're perfectly legal and coursework at these colleges can be as demanding... but with the benefit of vastly lower prices.

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American College
Atlantic International
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Breyer State University
Caldwell College
Capella University
Empire State College
Heriot-Watt University
Indiana University
Kaplan University
Murray State University

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