A Masters Degree for Free in  8 Months...

...And  a whopping 60% increase in Salary!


        Online degrees have exploded in  popularity since 1995... with harried  professionals snagging MBA titles in less than a year. Why the rabid interest? With online universities,  businessmen can focus on careers while learning at their pace. Completing an 8 month program is often followed by a promotion and fat raise! The following  are the killer benefits you too can enjoy:

You  Travel  Work & Study At the Same Time!

Back in the 80s,  professionals were denied access to  advanced degrees because they traveled so often. Today, online universities allow these professionals to get a degree with ease. Whether at the airports,  boardrooms or cafe, you can attend  class - as long as broadband access permits. That's convenience!

Study from Your Bedroom.. with that Bottle of Red Wine

I'm sure you cherish your weekends. It's a delightful time you don't have to get up and commute to work or bustle from client to client. 

Why not add leisurely studies to your free time? Study from home and hobnob with your classmates - over webcam! Picture all the travel expenses saved as you review within your comfy bedroom over a goblet of Merlot.

Get A Free Ph.D MBA or MA

Companies like GE, P&G and Microsoft are known to pay for employees' degrees if they take classes online. (check their websites!)  Among their favored online universities are London External and the University of Phoenix. These online schools actually work out bargains with top corporations so that their employees (you) enjoy deep discounts. Did you ask your HR Manager if you can already avail of this program?


Where Can You  Get an Affordable (or Free) Online Degree?

Do a Google search on "Affordable Online Degrees". Your career prospects will astound you!


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