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We are a board of  professionals from various Fortune 1000 companies  involved in the consulting, IT, and marketing industries.  Our shared passion for  knowledge and learning bonds the group together ;  as such,  most of us have earned advanced degrees in our respective fields from traditional colleges. 

But not all of us enjoyed the luxury of attending  daily classes for three years in a classroom. The advent of the internet and the everonline degrees escalating pace of the world ultimately forced some in our group to explore the  exciting avenue of distance learning.  It is from this experience that we discovered how enriching and empowering distance learning can be.  No longer does one have to sacrifice work or family life to enjoy the benefits of advanced education. For all intents and purposes, experience gained from an online university is every bit as fulfilling as one gained within physical classrooms.

Compiled in this comprehensive website is our review of prestigious universities as well as young establishments that have begun to offer online interactive training leading to a degree. Included in our reviewed roster are the likes of Stanford University, the University of London and Melbourne University. Neophytes, such as The University of Phoenix are also expounded upon.

We culled our data from various web sources, personal testimonials of actual students and our own experiences. The information is FREE to you.

NOW, whether for love of knowledge, career enhancement, or simply self-actualization, you can get a college degree--bachelor's, master's, or doctorate--faster, cheaper, and better nontraditionally.

For more info contact our secretariat:

Mr. John Rutherford, Ph.D MBA (Stanford University Online)


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We are a non-profit organization. Our sole purpose is to compile updated  reviews of reputable ONLINE universities and distance learning degree programs to make your academic foray a more fulfilling and pleasurable experience.
The executive board is open to visitor comments and reviews.  Feel free to email us with suggestions, ideas and commentaries.  We'd especially appreciate the opinions of current students at the universities we rate.
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Thumbs-Up Universities
American College
Atlantic International
Auburn University
Breyer State University
Caldwell College
Capella University
Empire State College
Heriot-Watt University
Indiana University
Kaplan University
Murray State University

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